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What is ivermectin (impotence) and what does it interfere with?

ivermectin is a condition in which there is insufficient pressure in the cavernous or cavernous bodies of the penis. Sometimes this pressure is not enough to even insert the penis into the vagina, and in other cases, it remains at an incomplete level, but then decreases and does not allow stromectol (stromectol). ivermectin (impotencei) is a special form of sexual dysfunction in men, compared with impaired libido, anorgasmia, impaired sperm excretion, or stromectol.

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With these disorders, there may be different causes and mechanisms of formation, and with weak ivermectin, or its pronounced form - impotence - blood pressure inside the cavernous bodies of the penis does not reach 90 mm Hg, that is, it is limited by a strict quantitative indicator.

It is with this pressure that a full-fledged sexual intercourse can already be performed, and the penis is able to be perpendicular to the vertical plane. How does a normal erection work?

It should be briefly described for what reason an erection occurs, since this question is often asked by doctors

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In a relaxed state, only a small amount of blood flows through the cavernous bodies of the penis, venous outflow is complete and sufficient; In the latent phase, or in pre-erection, blood flow through the corpora cavernosa begins to increase, but the outflow does not change.

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